Spell check everything!

Spell check everything!

If you’re writing blogs or building websites, you know that typos happen. The problem is that, unless you’ve spell checked the copy in a separate program like Google Docs or MS Word, you don’t know for certain that the copy is error-free.

Even if you’ve spell checked the copy in Google Docs, copy and pastes can go wrong and typos happen.

This is a cool little Chrome Extension that lets you live-check the spelling on any website. It’s free and will highlight text right on the page. It will even jump to the location of the spelling mistake!

This is different from tools like Gramarly that only check text you input not text that already exists on the page.

“Check the spelling of all content on a web page, including title tags, balloons and HTML elements. This extension was created for web developers and online content creators. While all other spell checkers only check input fields, such as text boxes, Site-spell checks all content on a page and highlights the errors.”


Source: site-spell.com


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